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Fall, Slowly

A poem to help you ease into autumn by Abaigéal Warfield

Go slowly into Autumn,

notice the colours,

sense the breeze amongst the trees

as September softly sweeps

the summer away.

Autumn is nature's way of making room

after the brimful abundance of summer.

A time for slowly shedding

what is no longer needed.

Let go of what you don’t need.

Let the gentle breeze help you discover

which leaves are ready to fall.

Let them go, lovingly,

and with gratitude,

knowing summer will come again.

Smile inside your heart,

and feel the earth beneath your feet,

safe in the knowledge that

change can be beautiful.

. . . . . . . . . .

I wrote this piece last year, watching, in awe, as the trees simply let go.

We can learn so much from nature if we take time to pause and reflect.

As the poet Rumi once put it so aptly, sometimes you need to be like a tree and "let the dead leaves drop."

If you wish to share please do, but please give me credit.

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Your beautiful poem was read at the end of my yoga class this morning and I was very moved by it. I also shared it on Facebook. Thank you!


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